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Studying with Joseph Bartz

Why I chose to study with Joseph:

Having experienced a few of Joseph’s workshops I decided to immerse myself deeper into the life practice systems that he teaches.  I have been inspired to study with Joseph because of the vast array of subjects he delivers and the effective learning systems he has developed.  For instance, he has created a comprehensive model of development in the fields of strength, flexibility, Parkour, coordination, dance and rhythmicality, breathwork and meditation. These are some pertinent examples but there are many more. This framework has become a backbone of many of my teaching practices and goes some way to answering “how to live a good life in the modern world” J Bartz. 

What does studying with Joseph entail?

Running up the iconic Berlin Velodrome Walls at DFLC 2022

Joseph’s plans are nuanced, whilst he will take into account your entry point and outlook he is not afraid to challenge you. It can take some time to get used to this, I tend to see it as a gift these days, that he has faith that I can step up to the challenge and it invites me to go beyond what I thought possible. The plans are also akin to fine dining, there are many “dishes” and some of them are quite complex. 

What are the workshops like?

Addictive! Be prepared for deep dives into exciting topics, I have completed the 1 year teacher training course which finished in April 2022. This is ideal for teachers or coaches/ those wishing to start teaching and involves weekly online meetings (most weeks) and a number of trips to Berlin for intensives.  It is ideal for those wishing to develop their own practices and have a clear understanding of the teaching models that Joseph utilises.

The intensives that I have attended (Games and Partners Work, DFLC, Movement and Communication and Basics) are too varied to go into great detail in this blog, but they share a thread which gives you an experience of living and moving with a group of joyful, interesting and engaging individuals from all over the world. They also give you the opportunity to explore a topic for a volume of time and with an intensity that is often difficult to experience in the modern world. 

A Communication challenge from Movement and Communication 2023

The effect:

For my life practise it has meant that I am currently far more capable and robust in my 30’s than I was say in my 20’s when my practise was far more specialist (e.g. Olympic weightlifting, boxing, athletics were some of the areas I focused upon in my 20’s).  This is no surprise due to the diversity of movement Joseph delivers. 

As a coach, studying with Joseph, has broadened my offerings for my students, for instance it is nice to be able to offer more advanced as well as day-to-day flexibility/ mobility practices.  My use of the outdoors has broadened, with more games, elements from parkour and calisthenics on offer, and the strength work has more dynamic elements. Also the program’s my students receive are more nuanced thanks’ to Joseph’s systems. 

Rail Balancing at a Joseph Bartz Group Class 2023 . Location Velodrome Berlin.

Final thoughts:

For anyone who is interested in developing there own life practise or having a broader set of tool’s I highly recommend exploring the Joseph Bartz systems.

For more information visit his website, if you’re not based in Berlin there is also a list of coaches for each country/ region. 

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