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Moving with The Seasons: Ben Medder

This is the third part of a series highlighting the coaches that have a had a huge impact on  what and how I teach.

I think it was at the end of 2015 that someone introduced me to the now infamous Ido Portal/ Conner McGregor training videos. At the time, I was a PT on a mission to inject more fun and play into my sessions. The only problem was that I could not find a method or coach that satisfied my ambitions. The Ido videos seemed like an answer to my prayers.All I had to do was find someone in the UK who could show me the way. And this is how I  tracked down Ben Medder.

Ben has a beautiful presence, powerful and focused yet also calm and compassionate. I first asked Ben to run a birthday workshop for me and some friends in 2016. From there I have made a point of attending at least a few events, classes, workshops or immersions where Ben is applying his multifaceted and fun coaching content.

I would like to highlight the many practices that I have had the benefit of exploring with Ben. First of all is his Fighting Monkey practice. Via Ben I have had the good fortune to explore the morning and evening routine Zero Forms, practice Ball games, some Speed Tool skills, Earthquake Architecture methods and an array of the Coordinations so synonymous with the Fighting Monkey system.

Thanks to Ben, I have learnt roughhousing, floor work, tree climbing skills, games and drills that he has either personally pioneered or developed/learnt from coaches such as Rafe Kelly and Tom Wecksler. It was Ben who introduced me to Knee's Over Toes Guy (Athletic Truth group) and helped initiate a deep dive into knee health and longevity, which has become a cornerstone of my own coaching practice. It was via Ben that I came to learn of the legendary Amos Rendao and The Art Of Falling Course which Amos curated. This has helped shape another significant area of my personal and professional practice.

I also have a huge thank you to Ben for introducing me to Joseph Bartz, a coach I have already written about. It goes without saying that if it wasn't for Ben and Joseph leading the way I would have significantly missed out in both personal and professional development.

In summary, I highly recommend studying with Ben. If you would like to "Move With The Seasons", develop a holistic and adventurous practice and expose yourself to methods of longevity and exuberant movement methods from some of the most exciting coaching systems on the planet, then give Ben a try! 

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