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Group training in Crystal Palace

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

The mission

To develop a body that’s ready for adventure.

Why adventure?

The idea behind the training is to take the strength, robustness, coordination and athletic capabilities you’re developing and put them into “live sparring scenarios. What I mean with “live sparring scenarios” is taking your dedication to developing your physical capacities and applying them to a sport, martial art or outdoor pursuit such as hiking. I believe this is important because it will shape your personal physical practice and it will provide meaning to the time and energy you will be investing in your mind and body. I like the term adventure as an orientation for a physical practice as it encourages the group participants to consider more than just the classic fitness objectives.

How will the group prepare me for adventure?

Here is a list of what you can look forward to:

– Strength training: Using simple scalable bodyweight systems from Movement Culture through to the fundamentals of weightlifting, you will use principles from Joseph Bartz training systems and benefit from my British Weightlifting qualifications to help develop your strength capacities.

– Cardiovascular conditioning systems via movement games, sled work and parkour inspired jumping and running conditioning systems.

– Coordination via the Fighting Monkey practices and subsequent systems as taught by Ben Medder and Joseph Bartz.

– Balance via the parkour-inspired balance systems from Joseph Bartz.

– Calisthenics: A mixture of hand balancing, gymnastics rings skills and fundamental bodyweight strength skills such as pull-ups and dips. I also integrate Animal Flow training and locomotion systems from Joseph Bartz.

– Joint health protocols from Joseph Bartz and Ben Patrick a.k.a. knees over toes guy.

– Flexibility and range of motion practices from Joseph Bartz systems and Sam Tyson coaching practices.

Future additions:

- Climbing, Bouldering and Parkour practices on man made and natural obstacles (tree’s, rocks etc).

- Overcoming obstacles: Parkour practices for going round, over and under obstacles, both man-made and natural.

If you’re ready to get started or have any queries please get in touch via or contact David on 07809 701 428.

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