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A self-sustaining learning cycle

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Hiking gorge
From my 2023 Cyprus adventure


Fall in love with what you want to do.


Learn about what you love and pursue the skills that elude you.


Fall in love all over again and find out what new puzzles await you.

The outline above references the learning cycle as set out in the excellent SA by Philosopher Alfred North Whitehead. When you undertake a new challenge hold this model of learning in mind:

Start by falling in love.

If you are not in love with what you are about to undertake you probably won’t want to go through the pain of trial and error.

Apply discipline.

The fact that you love it and wish to improve, will fuel the devotion required in acquiring a skill.

Return to romance (after a period of discipline).

Remember why you do what you love and nurture those aspects that are under nourished during times of discipline.

The link to the SA:

Thank you Frank Forencich for putting me onto this work by mentioning it during an interview with Rafe Kelly

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