Are you looking to build strength?

Would you rather that this takes place in the renowned Crystal Palace Weightlifting Club, or perhaps you would prefer to build strength in the main gym using the functional apparatus?

Learning the Clean And Jerk
Crystal Palace Weightlifting Club

Would you be more inspired?

If you knew that halfway through your session, we could switch from the gym to one of our sports halls, or football pitch’s and integrate speed, agility and reaction games into your session?

Inside the Football Dome at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

Is it boxing you are after?

We have our own mini ring, speed ball and punch bags for you to hone your skills and liven up your training.

Pad work with David
Crystal Palace National Sports Centre Boxing Facilities

Prefer the great outdoors?

When the weather is glorious, we can go to the park and move in nature.

Strength and Play in Crystal Palace Park with David and Lucas

 We would also add…

We have access to a 50m pool, climbing wall, squash and tennis courts and an indoor and outdoor running track.

If you want to feel healthier and have greater confidence in how to get fit we would love to hear from you.

Yours the Fitness Renaissance Team