If you want to take control of your health then this powerful tool could provide the road map for moving forward. The exercise of fear setting helps you to put your reservations on paper and then work through solutions to each imagined bump in the road.

The benefits of fear setting are numerous; it’s a potent activity because we tend to feel loss intensely whilst gains are often undervalued. Perhaps you have spent hours fretting about lost keys whilst only paying lip service to your recent personal best at a 5 kilometre road race. If this is the case then you understand how loss lasts whilst gains are often forgotten along with yesterday’s news.

Rather than letting fear and doubt ricochet around your mind punching holes in your determination and sapping your will power you are going to take control and create a strategy for success.



Page 1. Define your fear:

What if I…?

Aim for10-20 examples showing the three parts as set out below.


What are the worst things you can imagine happening


What can you do to prevent this happening/decrease the likelihood?


If it happens what can you do to repair/who can you ask for help?


Page 2: Benefits:


Aim for 10 examples of benefits that may arise from an attempt/partial success in addressing your fears.


Page 3: The cost of inaction:

The Effect:

Aim for 10 examples setting out the effect in emotional, physical and financial terms and over a period of 6 months, 1 year and 3 years


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Fear setting



This article pays homage to the excellent Tim Ferris (all credit to this man). Please watch his insightful talk for inspiration: