Bespoke support for your mind and body


Whether your goal is weight loss and toning, or enhancing performance, here at Fitness Renaissance we have the bespoke support for you.

We work as a team to manage your journey, this way you have access to an expert who can provide efficient and sustainable solutions for your health and fitness priorities.

Which of these pillars are critical to your success?

Personal Training

Acquire skills, move with greater agility and increase your energy capacity. Our PT team will make your training functional, rewarding and most importantly fun.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Collaborate with a CBT expert who can work with you to map out rewarding and sustainable targets, that will embolden you to see through your health ambitions.


Reduce pain and safe guard against injury. The osteopathy team are skilled at boosting recovery, spotting and preventing potential ailments and helping you bounce back from injuries.


You can’t out exercise a bad diet. Our nutritionist can provide you with healthy and delicious options to boost your performance and help you change your shape.

Each discipline unite an expert in their field providing you with the necessary toolkit to address each aspect of your health in a methodical, long term manner.


Personal Training

David Lawrence, Certified L3 personal trainer, REPS registered, BWLA level 2, UKA Level 1, Animal Flow Level 1

I have been honing my craft as a personal trainer for 8 years, my specialties are fast, fun and effective workouts for your shape, weight, performance and health. We can use kettle bells, suspension training and sandbag circuits to facilitate weight loss or body fat burning.


Doug Foot, MA MBACP (Accredited)

My name is Doug Foot and I run an integrated health practice offering a range of therapies including counselling, psychotherapy and acupuncture. Wellbeing therapies London run by Doug Foot is a Counselling, CBT, Psychotherapy & Acupuncture Clinic based in the City & Forest Hill.


Peter Schimke, British-trained osteopath, Master of Osteopathy degree from the British School of Osteopathy (now University College Osteopathy).

All aspects of your body and life are considered during your treatment with Peter; leading to innovative solutions to your health concerns.

Peter uses a structural, biomechanical approach as well as more indirect techniques like cranial osteopathy. This he does in conjunction with self-care advice and education. Giving you the tools to manage your own fitness and health through exercise or lifestyle changes, thereby reducing the need or dependence on treatment.


Gabi Trybyte, Nutritional Health & Lifestyle Mentor, Holistic Movement, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Let me start by putting you at ease.

I have also experienced physical and psychological highs and lows.
Lets build a nourishing foundation together using an action plan that will get to the core of transforming you from the inside out.

Using my experience and research in the fields of nutritional neuroscience and psychology and personal training we can optimise your mindset, nutrition, habits and fitness to reach your goals and positively change your life towards health, success and the health span you deserve.


Fitness Rennaissance values exclusivity, as such we have very limited availability due to the comprehensive level of support and bespoke services on offer, we always respond to enquiries promptly, however, there is a waiting list for new applicants.

We take your results seriously…. let us know why you are eager to change and the value you would reap from this service.


  • Athleticism

    • Private training sessions – 1 to 1 or small group
    • Olympic weightlifting
    • Kettlebells
    • Boxing/ kick boxing
    • Running
    • Speed, agility, reactions and quickness training
    • Bespoke training programs
    • Animal Flow

  • Mindfulness

    • Cognitive behavioral therapy
    • Psychotherapy
    • Breaking negative cycles
    • Adopting healthy habits
    • Improve mental discipline
    • Sleep management
    • Stress reduction
    • Mindfulness
    • Acupuncture

  • Osteopathy

    • Deep and soft tissue restorative massage
    • Injury identification and treatments
    • Postural analysis

  • Nutrition

    • Bespoke Nutrition Plans
    • Food Intolerence Testing
    • Blood Tests
    • Functional Tests
    • Supplement Recommendations
    • Stress Management
    • Nutrition Timing


  • David's collaborative working with Silvia the nutritional therapist rapidly increased my body composition goal progress. When I started training with David in mid November I weighed 59kg with 32.32% body fat. Over the following three months my body fat steadily reduced around 1% per month to 28.78%. I started working with Silvia on 23rd February and within 6 weeks achieved a body fat reduction of almost 3%, similar to what I achieved during the previous 3 months. My weight dropped from 59.5kg to 54kg and my body fat was down to 25.94%.
    Laura P.
  • "I approached Silvia because I am a runner and wanted to train for a marathon. I had never previously prepared properly regarding my diet and so wanted to remedy that this time. I was looking for advice on what to eat, when and which supplements to take to accompany them. Silvia certainly delivered, giving me a fully rounded nutritional plan that was clear to follow and easy to implement. I have not felt so energised for years and this has really helped my training and my well-being in general."
    A.M. – Middle Aged Male in his 40’s
  • “Thank you Doug. It’s been a journey. You were absolutely instrumental in maintaining my psychological health and wellbeing during my sporting times.”
    Shavaun Henry, Runner
  • "David has been a great help and I can’t thank him enough for helping me with my weight loss goals (3 stone by Christmas) and shaping goals.  Training is never boring and he always communicated it in such a way that I knew why we were doing it - it wasn't a case of just do this! - more like do this because this is how it fits into the bigger picture and meets my goals, which I must say we met before I expected! I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is unsure of their fitness as I was but doesn't want to hit the gym alone. As a motivator and a trainer I hold him in high regard" Goals: Has lost 3 stone and 4 inches of his waist over the course of 4 months
    Peter, 45 years old
  • "If you need someone to motivate you, give you confidence and show you how to reach your personal fitness goals I can’t praise David highly enough. He is extremely flexible and will endeavour to work round you, however busy or disorganised your daily schedule may be. 6.30am was never too early to exercise. We have used a variety of techniques to help improve my stamina, shape and power, David has also helped me come back from injury using rehabilitation techniques from foam rollers to nutritional approaches."
    Emma, 29 years old
    Marathon Runner
  • "As a 38 year old beginner, David had to start with the absolute basics. He quickly got to grips with not only what I enjoyed, but also the best techniques and exercises to strengthen a previous back injury and to lose weight. David's accurate, technical approach and knowledge are second to none and he's also a really great guy. Whatever your goals, I would thoroughly recommend working with him."
  • "David introduced me to a functional way of training to benefit me in completing my first even triathlon.  David produced a plan that was specific to all three of the discipline areas and got me ready to compete.  The type of programmes David produces are different to standard ways and involve a variety of methods to ensure you maintain focus and motivation throughout."
    Footballer and Triathlete
  • "I first met with David in October 2013 after having been tricked into signing up for an Ironman Triathlon which would be at the end of July 2014. Over the course of 4 months David transformed my body from a “cyclists physique” which had no strength whatsoever from the waist upwards, into a strong all round physique which could cope with the rigours and fatigue of a 12+ hour event. David gave me tailored weight lifting and core strengthening programs to follow as well as food plans and nutritional advice. I started the training period weighing 72kg with approx. 14% body fat and completed the training period weighing 65-66Kg with less than 10% body fat. As a benchmark indicator, on my first session with David I was unable to do a single pull-up starting from a straight-arm hang but by the end I could do 4 sets of 10. Every session was well structured and was designed to move me along a path to reach my ultimate goal. I found that there was a lot of 2 way communication, if there was ever something I was uncomfortable with or unsure about David would listen to my concerns and adapt if necessary. I highly recommend David as a personal trainer."
    Christian Zaleski


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“BREAK THE CYCLE! Get started on your health goals today!”


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If you’re looking for a boost in performance I am a fully qualified Olympic weightlifting coach, and, we also have access to the Crystal Palace indoor and outdoor track for speed, endurance and agility training. We can also spice up sessions with kickboxing pad work when you are in need of something fast and furious.

It’s a privilege to collaborate with the experts at fitness renaissance as they are dedicated, enthusiastic and diligent.

My background is in ‘talking therapies’ including short term counselling, CBT as well as longer-term psychotherapy. I am also a Chinese medicine practitioner specialising in Acupuncture. My practice experience includes working with people from high achieving business and sports backgrounds. I aim to focus my expertise on providing a beneficial and patient responsive service.

Having first trained as a sports massage therapist Peter is very comfortable dealing with diverse injuries and musculoskeletal concerns, but having recently completed two years of postgraduate training in Women’s Health Osteopathy at the Molinari Institute of Health, he has a special interest in all aspects of women’s health. The two-year training also encompassed many elements of men’s health.

Peter appreciates that whilst treatment can sometimes be challenging, the patient remains fully informed about what is being done and where possible why the problem exists. Your healthcare is a partnership, practitioner and client working together to be better.